The Black Tie Monopoly

Posted Jan 31st, 2017


Thank you for choosing to support your community through United Way. When you give to the United Way, your donation touches the life of one in three people in need right here in South Niagara.

You've made an important decision to improve someone else's life. You've helped to empower them by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Your contribution is funding important life changing programs and services.

Your donation to the United Way helps the community in many ways: providing assessment literacy skills for kids, improving access to support services, feeding a child's empty belly, investing in job skill development, essential learning opportunities for children and youth, reducing social isolation for seniors and supporting mental health and the wellness programs.

United Way is very grateful for your support. If it weren't for you, there will be no way!

Tamara Coleman-Lawrie
Executive Director

A legend lives on

The Blue Star is a success story, a story of taking a gamble, a strong belief in the future and a lot of hard work, dedication and people skills. 

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